25 January 2017

During the third Haringvliet-dive-day  Arjan and Niels took a look underwater in the Haringvliet to assess the biodiversity. The sluices of the Haringvliet will be partly opened in 2018, which will probably change the biodiversity in the future. WNF Vlogger Camilla joined them.


12 January 2016

NCK has conducted their annual ISO 9001 audit: GiMaRIS is one of the first companies that they were able to award the NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 certificate, which is valid until February 25th 2019 for "Conducting national and international research, providing consultancy and designing management plans for private companies and governmental organisations"


21 October 2016

21 October 2016 we celebrated our 10th anniversary.



1 June 2016

1 June 2016 Gimaris celebrates its 10th anniversary!
Coming October, we will celebrate this with a mini-symposium. We will keep you updated.


26 april 2016

Together with Menno Bentveld of the television show "Vroege Vogels" Arjan and Niels plunge into the Noordzeekanaal to see the exotic species that live here. Click here for the footage.




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