The Dutch Ascidians website

This website shows photographs of ascidian species from all over the world. The goal of each species page is to show several photographs of that species, preferably at different localities, to get an idea of the intra-specific variation present


The PRIDE programme: Drivers of Pontocaspian Biodiversity Rise & Demise. An EU Horizon-2020 Innovation Training Network 2015-2019. From 2015 until 2019 PRIDE will investigate the evolution and demise of lakes systems and biota in the Black Sea, Caspian Sea and surroundings. Anouk D’Hont is one of the 15 ESR’s in this program

Gastropods parasites and their coral hosts

This website illustrates mushroom corals (Fungiidae), and the endo- and ecto-parasitic gastropods (Epitoniidae, Coralliophilidae) and boring mussels (Mytilidae) that live in association with them. In addition Actiniarian hosts of wentletraps (Epitoniidae) are shown. The photographs were taken as part of a PhD-project of Arjan Gittenberger  "A biogeographical study of parasitic gastropods and their coral hosts in the Indo-West Pacific"

SANTO Expedition

More than 100 participants from 15 countries have documented the fauna and flora of a large rugged island in the South Pacific-- Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. Because of Santo's isolated location, it has been been largely unexplored and maintains a very high level of biodiversity. Scientists have found many new species of flora and fauna. Follow the journey of exploration and discovery of the marine component of the expedition on this website. 


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