Building the SETL Sampling Plates

Building SETLPlates



Steps 1 - 3

Drill 4 holes at 3.3 cm (1.30 in) and 5.5 cm (2.17 in.) from each corner with a no. 8 drill. Roughen one side of the plate with sandpaper (K60).

Steps 4 - 5

Make sure the roughened side is facing downwards and pull a short tie wrap through each pair of holes (use holes closest together); Attach the two ends of each tie wrap but do not tighten them.

Step 6

Place a brick between the two cable ties.

Steps 7 - 10

Pull a tie wrap through a hole in the brick, near the drilled holes in the plate. Close the tie wrap, but do not thighten it, making sure that the tie wraps from "Step 4-5" are enclosed. Do not tighten the tie wrap. Repeat this with a second tie wrap at the level of the other set of holes.


Step 11

Tighten all the tie wraps alternately with pincers to firmly attach the brick to the plate.

Steps 12 - 15

Cut away excess ends of he tie wraps.

Step 16


Steps 17 - 18

Pull long tie wraps through each top corner hole of the brick and thread both ties through one loop of the line. Close the ties, but do not tighten.

Steps 19 - 23

Cut away excess ends of tie wraps. Hide connections of tie wraps Cut away excess ends of cable tie. Hide connections of cable tie in holes of the holes of the brick.

Step 24

Make sure the effective length between plate and the Make sure the effective length between plate and the top end of line is 1 m. (3.28 ft.).
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