Arjan Gittenberger

Director / Principal Investigator
Phone: +31 6 29032229

The founder of GiMaRIS, Dr. A. Gittenberger, has worked for e.g. the national natural history museums of The Netherlands (Naturalis), France (MNHN), and the USA (Smithsonian), for National Geographic magazine (USA), AtosOrigin, Expert Centre of Taxonomic Identification (ETI), The ANEMOON Foundation, the Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics, and in the EU Networks MARBEF, BIOCOMBE, EDIT, Green Spider Network, WORMS, FRONTIERS, and PRIDE. Dr. Gittenberger founded the company GiMaRIS in 2006 after obtaining his PhD studying Indo-Pacific coral reef systems being based in Makassar, Indonesia. As a molecular and marine biologist, he holds an assistant professorship at the Institute of Biology, Leiden University, is a research associate of the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, and editor of the Tunicata within the World Register of Marine Species ( As a coordinator together with Niels Schrieken of the monitoring project MOO (ANEMOON Foundation) involving thousands of volunteer scuba-divers over the years, he promotes the collection and use of citizen science data. Within GiMaRIS he has been responsible for ecological risk assessments,  the organisation of various marine expeditions and the development and implementation of management and control systems aiming at minimizing the ecological impact of fishing and shipping activities without hampering these activities.



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